In the Fall of 2016, Nicole and Johnny uprooted their entire life (and kitchen boutique) from Savannah, Georgia, and headed west toward the heart of Tucson: 4th Avenue. After a year filled with art, friends, and whimsical kitchen supplies, they realized that something was missing - a place for their poodles Babe, Willie Nelson, and Rosie to play, shop, and bathe. And so, in 2017, Rosie's Barkét was born. A dog lifestyle boutique filled with noise-making toys, colorful and unbelievable treats, and a shiny new dog wash, Rosie's Barkét is as welcoming and exciting as they come. Treats and toys at nose-level make this a store not just about dogs, but for dogs. You won't be able to stop in without smiling, and maybe some dog hair on your clothes...but dog hair is a show of love, and isn't that what it's all about?