In the Fall of 2016, Nicole and Johnny uprooted their entire life (and kitchen boutique) from Savannah, Georgia, and headed west toward the heart of Tucson: 4th Avenue. After a year filled with art, friends, and whimsical kitchen supplies, they realized that something was missing - a place for their poodles Babe, Willie Nelson, and Rosie to play, shop, and bathe. And so, in 2017, Rosie's Barkét was born. A dog lifestyle boutique filled with noise-making toys, colorful and unbelievable treats, and a shiny new dog wash, Rosie's Barkét is as welcoming and exciting as they come. Treats and toys at nose-level make this a store not just about dogs, but for dogs. Cold-noses and wagging tails are always more than welcome, and weekends are filled with the sounds of Rosie's Rowdy Pups meeting for playdates. You won't be able to stop in without smiling, and maybe some dog hair on your clothes...but dog hair is a show of love, and isn't that what it's all about?
327 E 7th ST
Tucson, AZ 85705