Rosie's is proud to offer four spaw-worthy wash add-ons! Add-ons are $5 each and come individually packaged so that you can take the spaw day home with you. Each add-on is multi-use...the silky drops in particular can last months and months with consistent use! All of our add-ons are made with all-natural ingredients and will leave your pup feeling refreshed, pampered, and absolutely, positively loved. 


Silky Drops are a nourishing coat oil that adds softness and shine to your pup's fur. You'll take a couple of drops in the palm of your hand (just a couple - a little goes a long way!), rub your palms together, and give your dog a gentle rub from the top of their head to the tip of their tail! Take home the remaining coat oil (it's going to look like you didn't even use it, I promise), and use it to refresh that shiny coat for weeks on end. You know that smell when you leave the salon - the one where your hair smells clean and expensive? This smells just. like. that. 

Paw Balm is essential for our desert pups. You know when you bring them home from a walk and their paws feel kind of rough to the touch? Or when their noses get a little cracked? This helps soothe all! It's handmade with all natural ingredients, so it's safe even if they decide to lick their nose or paws when you're applying it. It's naturally scented with real lavender, which not only makes it smell incredible during application, but also has anxiety-reducing and relaxing properties for your pup! Paw rubs will never be the same. And be sure to rub it into your hands when you're done. This stuff is amazing for cracked elbows or dry skin, so feel free to share it with your doggie...we won't tell anyone! 

Minty Toothpaste smells oh so fresh and so clean. When was the last time you brushed your pup's teeth? It seems like every day more and more reports come out about how important dental health is for dogs - especially our tiny senior pup friends! When you choose a minty toothpaste add-on, we happily provide you with a tub of toothpaste and a double-sided toothbrush. We've smelled all the bacon, steak, meat, etc., scents, and quite frankly, yuck! Dog breath is bad enough as is. Minty fresh just feels so familiar...and it smells amazing. Doggie kisses have never been better.

Blueberry Facial is a classic in the dog world. It's a foaming face wash that smells delicious and helps with enhancing and brightening your doggie's coat while also helping to remove pesky tear stains! It's no-tear, lick-safe, and gently exfoliates their skin. Simply apply to face, coo over how adorable it looks, rub gently, and let sit for about three minutes! If their tear stains are especially dark, it may take a few uses to lift them...which is totally fine, because our add-on has enough for more than one use!