À La Fluff

Rosie's is proud to offer seven spaw-worthy wash extras!

They are$6 each, or 3 for $15. Individually packaged and made with all-natural ingredients, our À La Fluff are multi-use so that you can take the spaw day home with you. 

Zesty Ginger Facial

A gently exfoliating facial scrub for your pup, our Zesty Ginger Facial is accompanied by an extra plush washcloth. Massage onto your pup's face (avoiding their eye area) with a little water to gently exfoliate, loosen up dirt and debris, and freshen up the face.

Blueberry Facial

This foaming face wash helps with enhancing and brightening your doggie's coat—all while removing pesky tear stains! It's no-tearlick-safe, and gently exfoliates. Simply rub gently onto face, and let sit for about three minutes!

Lavender Paw Balm

You know when you bring them home from a walk and their paws feel kind of rough to the touch? Or when their noses get a little cracked? This helps soothe all!

It's handmade with all natural ingredients, so it's safe even if they decide to lick their nose or paws when you're applying it. It's naturally scented with real lavender, which not only makes it smell incredible during application, but also has anxiety-reducing and relaxing properties for your pup!

Fizzing Paw Balm

is an amazing deep-cleaning paw treatment for your pooch. Many dogs lick their paws due to a build up of bacteria and other nasty things from the outside world. 

The Barkét provides a tray to use in the bath to contain this fizzy concoction. Place your pup's paws inside to pamper their toe beans while sanitizing, deep moisturizing, and even brightening your pup's nails!

The tea tree oil in this fizz works as a natural antiseptic, and the olive leaf works as a natural anti-fungal agent and antioxidant.

Eau De Pooch

To keep your pup smelling clean and fresh even after their bath, use this refreshing dog cologne as a finishing touch on your pup's coat after their bath! 

As with all of our à la fluff extras, our dog cologne is multi-use, so spritz this on your pooch between washes to keep them smelling pupilicious!

Minty Toothpaste

When was the last time you brushed your pup's teeth? Studies show how important dental health is for dogs - especially our tiny senior pup friends!

We happily provide you with a tub of toothpaste and a double-sided toothbrush. We've smelled all the bacon, steak, meat, etc., scents, and quite frankly, yuck!

Dog breath is bad enough as is. Minty fresh just feels so familiar...and it smells amazing. Doggie kisses have never been better.

Color Pop

This color enhancing shampoo comes in 4 variations to match your dog's coat. Depositing small molecular weight (tiny particles of color), Color Pop penetrates the top layer of your pup's hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

It neutralizes unwanted stains that cleansing does not remove, or deposits wanted color tones, without staining the outer layer of the hair surface, to amplify gloss and colors.

A semi permanent color that will not rub off on hands or clothing or even a white towel, it lasts up to 4 weeks.

Relax, Suds Up, Rinse, and Repeat!