Our Story

Our pups, Rosie, Babe, and Willie Nelson

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Rosie, our namesake

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Willie Nelson

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After falling in love with the desert

Nicole and Johnny decided Tucson would be their forever home.

Rosie's Barkét Opened in 2017 on 7th Street near 4th Avenue in Tucson

Our focus was on creating the most adorable retail dog store in Tucson! Dog washing was an afterthought…

Rosie's Barkét on 7th Street (2017)
Rosie's Barkét on 7th Street (2017)

We only had ONE tub!

We thought it would be cute to see dogs taking a bath while customers shopped, so we had a single tub in the back of store with only a few brushes, 2 shampoos, and 1 conditioner.

Now, dog washing is our focus

We wanted to expand, so we moved our store up to Pro Valley! Now the Barkét boasts 4 semi-private tub-rooms filled with all the tools and treats you could ever need for the perfect spas day. Rosie’s has become the DREAM location for doggie bath time. The environment at the Barkét is designed to make your dog washing experience seamless, easy, and most importantly, super duper clean!

Rosie's Barkét in Oro Valley, Today