Order Pupcakes by the dozen or half dozen to treat your puptastic pets at your next doggie event!

Check out our six styles listed below!

(48hrs required after order before available to pick up)

Pupcakes for All!

Order your pupcakes by the dozen (12) or half dozen (6) and choose from our 6 recipes:

Porky Pork

Very Berry

Cheesy Does It

Tropical Dream

Fish Stix

Cheesy Meatball

You can mix and match or just stick with one style!

Dozen $60, Half Dozen $30

The 6 Pupcake Styles

What's in each recipe?

Each pupcake has the same dog friendly base and creamy peanut butter frosting as our custom cakes.

Porky Pork has bacon/pork rind toppings.

Very Berry is made with crispy blueberries and strawberries.

Cheesy Does It is topped with cheesy whiz and Cheetos.

Tropical Dream has coconut shavings and banana chips.

Fish Stix is made with crispy salmon skin and veggie stix.

Cheesy Meatball is topped with a mini dog-friendly meatball and shredded cheddar cheese.