Our Barkét comes equipped with four spaw rooms set up for your pup’s optimal comfort! Each professional grade tub has an easy-access ramp, a liftable bottom for the small doggies, and both hot and cold water. Our front spaw room is lined with a floor to ceiling window and is perfect for pups who love watching the world go by - some of our guests say that having their dog watch the cars makes all the difference! Our middle two spaw rooms are ideal for first-time washers. They’re directly beside our front counter, which means we’re as close as possible for any questions you may have! Our back spaw room is perfect for any nervous, scared, or not-so-dog-friendly pups. It’s the most private room, and because of the layout of the shop, most pups can’t even see any dogs walking by. A lot of doggies feel more secure in a more private area, and almost all pawrents feel more secure when they know their dogs are safely contained - which is why each spaw room has a gate that only enters in. Relax, suds up, rinse, and repeat!

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