Both Rosie's locations are proud to offer DIY dog washes! For just $20 we offer the options of puppy, refreshing, soothing, or rejuvenating all-natural shampoos, nourishing conditioner, different brushes for different fur-types, and squeaky clean ear wipes! Our wash stations come equipped with a professional-grade tub, a state-of-the-art forced air dryer, unlimited towels, hot water, and a raisable tub bottom. Be sure to pick up your complimentary bandana post-bath! 

Our 4 adorable add-ons are just $5 each and are the perfect addition for any spaw day! Pick between silky drops for a nourished and soft coat, an all-natural blueberry facial, minty toothpaste, or a super soothing lavender paw balm. Or hey, choose them all! 

We never charge based on time or weight, so whether you're a big or small pup, take all the time you need. All DIY wash stations are used on a first-come first-serve basis. Rosie's Barkét 7 has one wash station, and RBOV has four wash stations. Each one has its own individual charm, so be sure to find your favorite! 

Enjoy your spaw day, pup!