Yeah, you read that right...custom cakes for your pup! Perfect for any birthday, adoption day, or just because your pup is the best pup to ever exist.

All Rosie's cakes are made fresh. The base of the cakes are created with honey, carrot, egg, vanilla, wheat flour, rolled oats, bananas, and applesauce. They are topped with extravagant edible decorations. All cake ingredients are all-natural, and all base-cake ingredients are human grade! (Unfortunately our chicken feet, pig snouts, turkey necks, etc. aren't for human consumption. But they are super healthy for pups!)

We currently offer Unlucky Duck, Fisherman's Dream, PigBerry Bonanza, Winner-Winner-Chicken-Dinner, and Aunt Nicole's PB&B Treat. We're also always open to new ideas, so let us know if there's a specific flavor you'd like!

Feel free to call (520)304-1029 or email with any custom cake questions or bookings. We simply require 48 hour advance notice. Happy celebrating, pups! 


Unlucky Duck is a standard cake base with peanut butter frosting, a duck head, two duck feet, shaved turkey neck, and edible gold glitter.


 Fisherman's Dream is a standard cake base topped with cream cheese frosting, tuna, cod skins, whole minnows, mango purée, and dried mango slices.


Bacon-Blueberry Bonanza is a standard cake base topped with peanut butter, bacon bits, fresh blueberries, and a full pig snout.


Winner-Winner-Chicken-Dinner is a standard cake base topped with a layer of cream-cheese/greek yogurt frosting, a layer of sweet-potato puree, parsley, shredded chicken, and a chicken foot.


Aunt Nicole's PB&B Treat is a standard cake base topped with peanut butter frosting, chopped peanuts, sliced bananas, and two peanut-butter cookies filled with peanut butter and banana slices.