Prices and Menu

Delightful Dog Wash · · · · · $25

Includes 7 of Our Fantastic Shampoos

In order, our shampoos range from gentle to invigorating.

Hypoallergenic, Gentle Puppy, Soothing, Peachy Clean, Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Bad Hair Day (2 in 1), Seasonal Scent

2 Conditioners

Sassy Pants


Also at your disposal


Leave-in conditioner

Cotton balls, to keep water out of your pup's ear

Warm Lavender Face Cloth

Ear Cleaner

Squeaky Clean Ear Wipes

Rosie's Signature Dog Cologne

Unlimited Towels


And treats for your pup!

You have all the fun and we do the clean up!

With every bath you get a free bandana

Keep your pup looking great after their Barkét bath!

We have 2 signature bandanas: Red & Blue Paisley And a seasonal bandana that is always changing!

À La Fluff · · · · · $6/each or 3 for $15

On top of the pupperific things already included in your Barkét bath, you can pick from our seven à la fluff extras to make your bath extra special!

Zesty Ginger Facial 

Blueberry Facial with Heated Washcloth 

Lavender Paw Balm 

Fizzing Paw Balm 

Eau De Pooch Dog Cologne 

Minty Fresh Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Color Pop

Relax, Suds Up, Rinse, and Repeat!