Which brush is best for what!?

Here is a breakdown of our brushes and what their purposes are.


Metal Comb removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt and stimulates skin and hair follicles. If you enter the brush into a mat vertically and then gently twist, its great for removing mats or knots in the fur. It's perfect for finishing and fluffing and is lightweight for fatigue-free grooming!



Double Sided Brush serves two purposes. On one side, wire pins separate and untangle the hair. Each pin is coated for comfort to assure they do not scratch the skin. The other side features bristles to finish the coat and distribute natural oils that keep it shiny and healthy.



Oval Pin Brush is used to remove mats and tangles, buff away loose hair, and remove dirt and debris from your dog's coat. It is best suited for dogs with medium to long or curly hair. 



Rake, also known as an undercoat rake, have specially designed teeth that strip the dead hair and the shedding undercoat while leaving the top coat undisturbed. Using an undercoat rake prior to or during bathing usually helps reduce shedding so you can keep those fur piles contained.



Little Slicker & Big Slicker come in two sizes for your big or little pup. They feature curved brush heads, getting rid of any debris, loose hair and mats/ knots in the fur. Each wire bristle is angled slightly as to not scratch the skin. Other than for removing dirt and hair, this brush is ideal for keeping your pup's coat in good condition, with the bristles distributing oil through the fur. This brush is mainly used for thick or curly haired dogs.


Poodle Comb named because they are so popular for wool coats, are also a valuable tool for any longer, fluffier, curlier, thick or denser coat like Collies. Use to fluff up the coat and brush through curly hair to add volume as a finishing touch. 




Small Double Sided Rubber Grooming Glove has rubber bristles to lift dead fur from the undercoat on the first side. The second side has larger bumps to help massage and soothe the skin. Great for deshedding before and after bath! Use with conditioner in the bathtub to help get rid of even more dead hair.



Large Double Sided Rubber Grooming Glove see above description. This serves the same purpose but is for larger dogs.