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Rosie's Pup Pawties

Rosie loves celebrating - a lot. So when she begged and begged for her mom to let her have a pawty, of course she got her way...and now your pup can too! Rosie's Barkét is the perfect place to celebrate adoptiversaries, birthdays, rescue days, or any other doggie milestone. We now offer pawty packages that include access to The Yard play area, a pup-themed movie screening, pup-cakes, a doggie bags of treats, party hats, decorations, and a special surprise for the birthday pup - all for a $10 party fee and $6 per additional pup. We hear it's a waggin' good time.



Rosie's Pupcakes are locally created treats. They're baked fresh by the wonderful business Hub Ice Creamery on Congress St., and are made with all natural human-grade ingredients. 
Our two constant flavors are blueberry/coconut and peanut butter/banana. There is a rotating flavor based upon the time of year and what ingredients are in season, so please feel free to inquire about a third option for your pup!