Puppy Washes

It happens every week. A brand new puppy bounds into the store, all energy and nose, entire body going a million miles an hour. Their family has an exhausted smile on their faces, and as we coo over puppy breath, they ask: will they like the water? Will they enjoy the wash? And the truth is we don’t know! Some puppies love it, but some cry and cry. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Puppies need to learn how to take a bath. And who better to comfort them, nurture them, and teach them to love it than you?

Puppy washes at Rosie’s are especially easy because of our professional-grade tub setup. The bottom of our tub lifts, so your puppy can be even closer to you. We have three different types of slip leads to keep your baby contained, safe, and happy. We like to recommend using the slip leads around the neck and under the back hips for extra security. Our shampoos include puppy and hypoallergenic options, and our rinse-out conditioner is extra nourishing, so their downy puppy coats will stay soft and squeezable for weeks. Our enclosed bathing areas mean puppies can be dried in the tub or on the floor depending on where they’re most comfortable. Exploration helps puppies feel safe and secure, and there’s not much cuter than a romping puppy leaving little wet paw prints across the floor.