Rescue Dogs

Sometimes even adult dogs need a little extra TLC in new situations. We’ve seen it all: pups scared of water, pups scared of loud noises, pups scared of new environments…everything. Maybe they’ve come from a rescue situation and weren’t always treated the best. Maybe they’d not been socialized properly before finding their forever home. Or maybe, as in some cases, a perfectly normal and well-loved dog has suddenly become scared of the darnedest things. And that’s okay! We’ve had guests bring there dogs in multiple times before a bath just to walk around, gain confidence, and be spoiled with treats. We’ve seen dogs practice climbing in and out of the tub days before attempting water. Owners have told us that their dogs can’t even be groomed by professional groomers! And through all the stories we smile, and we nod, and we suggest just giving it a shot. One of our absolute favorite things in the world is seeing a pup who would barely walk in the front door come back weeks later and bound right to the wash station! Want to know the common denominator in all of the success stories? You.