Senior Dogs

We love the senior pups. The grey faces, the slow walk, the smile lines in the fur around their eyes. But sometimes older pups struggle at the groomers - especially the big babies! It can be hard for them to jump, or even just to stand for long periods of time. Which is why we were so careful in choosing what tubs we would use at Rosie’s. Each spaw station comes equipped with a gently-sloping ramp, and the tubs are large enough for even the biggest of pups to take a rest in. We’re also able to raise the bottom of the tub up for our smaller friends! Oftentimes dogs that have gone deaf or blind are more comfortable the closer they are to their people. Raising them up higher not only saves strain on your back, but it also ensures a comfortable wash for our beloved furry friends. Water temperature at Rosie’s is fully adjustable, so you can use nice warm water on those achey joints. We don’t ever rush our guests, and you don’t pay by the amount of time you spend pampering, so if they need to take a break, that’s a-okay. Pups deserve stress-free washings their entire lives, but especially in their golden years! They’ve been so good to you for so long - it’s the least we can do to help you spoil them back!