Does Your Pima County Animal Nonprofit Need Love?

Show Love

Here at Rosie's Barkét, our biggest goal is simply to Show Love. With the current state of the world being so stressful and hard-pressed to find love, our founder Nicole felt that it was impossible for her to sit back and do nothing. Show Love is her way of using her platform to do something good. As a dog lifestyle boutique, we feel that it is our responsibility to do more than just pamper your pup. Good begets good, and it is our happy obligation to help begin that cycle whenever and however we can. Monthly we'll be choosing a non-profit animal organization from our local community to give our support to. In store, you can do your part by buying a Show Love dog tag for your pup's collar or your own keychain. These reflective tags sell for $10, and ALL $10 will go directly to the organization of the month. In addition to our thankfulness for your monetary donation, if you bring your tag in when you come visit us again, you will receive 10% off of you entire order...forever! 




All of February at Rosie's Barkét is about Save-A-Bull Rescue! Save-A-Bull is an incredible foster-based organization that works to save pitbull and bully-like breeds from being euthanized in Southern Arizona. They save pups that are on the brink of being put down (sometimes even hours away) due to their medical issues, the amount of time they've spent in shelters, or even just because bully breeds are the first to be done away with when overcrowding in shelters becomes too much. These incredible people take in the dogs, provide medical care and training, and show them so much love until they can find their forever homes! The purchase of a Show Love tag is a $10 direct donation to this incredible cause, and it also gets you a 10% discount on every purchase from Rosie's FUREVER! 

Save-a-Bull will be bringing their amazing pups by for visits throughout the month, so be sure to come say hi...and possibly meet your future furbaby! How can you resist that pittie smile?




December at Rosie's is all about showing love to the amazing non-profit organization The Animal League of Green Valley. TALGV is a volunteer-run no-kill shelter in Green Valley (just fifteen minutes from Rosie's!). The main goal for these amazing volunteers is a home for every pet - and to keep pets in their homes. The animals housed at TALGV will be kept safe and happy until they can find a forever home (even if it does take years), and the adoption of any senior dog or cat will come with their vet bills covered for life! How much more loving can it get? So come in and snag a tag...along with your 10% discount for life, you'll also receive a packet of info about TALGV...and you'll be helping so many animals in need get a second shot at the perfect life. 

P.S. keep an eye out for TALGV at Rosie's!! They've been popping in pretty frequently already...and if you're lucky, they just might have an adoptable doggie or kitty with them for you to give some extra love to!

Barking Big News!! In December, the Show Love Campaign raised $1,901.24 for our fabulous friends at TALGV! Thank you so much! 



This November at Rosie's Barkét, we will be helping the community Show Love to The Humane Society of Southern Arizona. The HSSA is an organization that is very near and dear to many people's hearts. These lovely people help to find homes for animals across Pima County that are in need! For the entire month of November, not only will you be receiving your permanent 10% discount with a Show Love tag purchase, but you'll also be receiving some small gifts from HSSA themselves! We can't wait to see how much love y'all can show them.

PAWSOME NEWS: the Show Love community raised $1,240 for HSSA in the month of November! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!



Through October at Rosie's Barkét, we're supporting Gabriel's Angels, an amazing non-profit that takes therapy dogs to children who are at-risk, neglected, or abused. Their efforts to help our community's youth are incredible, and we can't be more grateful for everything that these people and their hard-working pups do. Come see us in-store to get more information on Gabriel's Angels, and keep up with us on social media to find out when their reps will be visiting us in person! These kind souls deserve all the great vibes this community can give, so let's all do our part to #showlove. 

PUPDATE: we are so happy to report that this community raised $1,550 for Gabriel's Angels in the month of October. We are so proud of you all for showing so much love!