Does Your Pima County Animal Nonprofit Need Love?

Weekend Events

Rosie's patrons have been asking, and Rosie has responded...weekend pup events for all! 


Yappy Hour is 12-4 on Saturdays for the spunky, playful, excited doggies who just want to make friends and play. Join us in The Yard for a pup-themed movie, a free treat, and access to all the toys they could possibly want. Playdates at Rosie's give pups an opportunity to meet and frolic with new pup friends, and for their owners to hang out and chat. Whether your pup is large or small, old or young...if they love to play with other furry friends, Yappy Hour is for them.


Bark Brunch is 12-4 on Sundays for the laid back, calm, or timid pups who need a calm environment to make new friends! Whether your puppy is a bit shy, your older dog is a bit lazy (but still wants to get out of the house), or your new adopted friend needs some furry friends of their own, Bark Brunch is the way to do it. Sometimes dog parks can be overwhelming for our fur babies, and sometimes social settings out in the wild (a friend's house) can be a little messy or stressful! Having a neutral ground at Rosie's allows these calm pups to sniff each other out slowly and happily. Plus they'll get a small snack at the same time - and what's brunch without a treat?


Please be sure that your pup is friendly before bringing them to a weekend event. Some pups are shy, and some pups love to rough-house, and that's okay! But please be conscientious of the safety of both your pup and everyone else's. We want fun, safe, healthy pup playtimes for everyone. 


Remember pups, you are always more than welcome at Rosie's! These aren't the only time you can come play, they are just meant to be a more structured time for pups to make new friends. Feel free to come and play in the Yard any time we're open!